Industrial Structure

A sound industrial structure composed of 11 production facilities worldwide allows our company to reach the highest quality standards, develop a process of sustained growth and consolidate its continuous expansion to new markets.

Our Plants


Our industrial plants, strategically distributed among Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan and Uruguay, are equipped with leading edge technology and are driven by the most stringent pharmacotechnical parameters. This modern industrial complex, together with more than 25 international agreements with leading companies, allows our company to compete – both in quality and scale – with international top class pharmaceutical companies.



Leading edge technology

Maximum quality standars

Sustained growth

In Argentina there are three industrial plants: two pharmaceutical plants, one of them located in the city of La Plata (Province of Buenos Aires) and the other one, specialized in antibiotics, located in the Industrial Park of La Rioja, and there is also a bulk chemical plant in City Bell (Province of Buenos Aires). These manufacturing facilities are supplemented by a Scientific and Technological Research Center (City Bell).

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