Donation of books from the Bagó Collection

Donation of books from the Bagó Collection

The main purpose of the Social Responsibility Program of Laboratorios Bagó is to increase our impact on the health and quality of life of the community, as well as on the education and culture areas. Thus, in the cultural sphere, we have materialized a series of agreements through which we have donated over 650 books of the Bagó collection to several libraries countrywide.

Through the National Committee of Popular Libraries (CONABIP as per its Spanish acronym), we have contacted forty-five libraries pertaining to the network, to which we sent a variety of books of the Bagó Collection. Many of these institutions are centennial libraries, which both in large towns and small villages of the provinces of Argentina still preserve, nowadays, a privileged space where community and culture meet.

In the city of Buenos Aires, a donation of a selection of books, particularly conceived according to each library’s thematic, was made to a total of twenty-three libraries, all of them pertaining to the Public Libraries Network of the Book, Libraries and Reading Promotion Department of the Government of the city of Buenos Aires.

Hence, Laboratorios Bagó had the opportunity to bring the books of its collection, the main purpose of which is to disseminate the values, history, characters, art, customs and traditions making up the “Argentine essence” near various communities of Argentina, with the aim of reinforcing its commitment to the promotion of culture.

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