Commitment to health: more than 33,000 products donated to Argentine communities

Commitment to health: more than 33,000 products donated to Argentine communities

In furtherance of our commitment both to the community and to our country, Laboratorios Bagó has a Social Responsibility Program comprising actions focused on health care, education and cultural areas.

This integral program has been in place for more than 2 decades and, along these years, it has continuously grown and expanded its geographical coverage countrywide. Its main purpose is to promote actions favoring an active and continuous participation with the community.

Activities corresponding to the health care area are aimed at increasing awareness on prevention, providing information material and training sessions, as well as at cooperating with the donation of medicines allocated to cover specific therapeutic needs of deprived sectors of the population, of aboriginal communities, of border hospitals and of various non-profit institutions and organizations.

Among the most significant actions taken this year, we can mention: donation of antibiotics, antipyretics, antidiahrreals and, mainly, sun-protection hydrating creams to communities based in the Argentine northern area. In this area, sun protectors are a basic need due to high sun exposure, high temperatures and adverse climate factors. Through the “Health Care” Program, over 33,000 products were delivered both to children and adults pertaining to more than 20 communities.

With the purpose of achieving greater geographical coverage, we have worked together with several NGOs, which, due to their national scope, prestige and reliability, provided security and efficacy in the delivery of our products, as well as with other foundations operating in smaller areas and specific communities.

With this campaign, our company reaches more than 10 provinces and specific areas of the puna desert located in the province of Salta and of the “Impenetrable” forest located in the provinces of Chaco and Salta.

Completion of this action is scheduled for November, upon delivery of all the products.

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