arrived, closer, easier arrived, closer, easier

Currently, when it is essential to be closer, at Laboratorios Bagó we launched Labbi, an innovative free platform aimed at neighborhood pharmacies, operating as an exclusive channel for professionals with the purpose of strengthening the transfers systems, respecting the role of each link in the industry’s value chain.

Registered pharmacies will be able to purchase Bagó’s OTC and prescription products with transfers and promotions, which will be further delivered by the selected drug wholesaler. Once the order has been placed, users may check the purchase history and consider the savings level obtained in each transaction.

This launch intends to place key stakeholders at the center of the activity and foster the sales force, complementing the action in those places where due to issues such as geographical distance, it is impossible to reach all pharmacies.

Labbi is part of the digital transformation we are undergoing at Bagó which drives us to continue evolving towards the next corporate innovation level: to pose ourselves daily challenges to discover new alternatives to improve the quality of life of the community.

click here and learn about it.

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